Latest Laptop Price in Pakistan 2022

Laptop Price in Pakistan

New Laptop Price in Pakistan 2022, In this new era of technology, laptops are now no more simply compressed with a keyboard and a screen. In this line of technology they have gotten far away. Now laptops are known by different names like, Tablet Phone, Ultra Book, Notebook and a sleek book.

The study is completed related to new laptop price in Pakistan 2022. A few people are well known about the brand, specification and quality of a laptop and a great number of people are completely unaware about that thing. In this discussion, you will get complete information about new laptop price in Pakistan 2022, and also the brand of different laptops and their qualities.

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Laptop prices in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the prices of laptops is now not a big deal as Darsaal has mentioned the rates and prices of local and international laptops in Pakistan in detail. In this article, the rates and prices of new laptops in different cities and towns will also describe.

By getting all information about laptop prices, you can easily compare laptop prices, brands, features and other specifications. So these details will help you in making your laptop buying decision easy and wise. According to the latest laptop market trend all the updates are provided, and all the models and specifications are described in different parts for the ease of customers.

Latest Oct, 2022 Prices

In Pakistan laptop prices stars from 20,000. Most common products available in Pakistan are Acer Predator 15 core i7 Generation, HP Omen 17, Acer 15.6 Predator Triton 700 Gaming Laptop and Acer Predator 17 X core.  

Lenovo LegionY540Rs. 2, 96,499
Acer Nitro5 AN515Rs. 2, 96,499
Acer 14 SwiftSF514Rs. 2,99,499
Acer Nitro5 AN515Rs. 2,99,500
Dell InspironG15-5520Rs. 3,34,500
Acer PredatorX core i7Rs. 3,41,999
Dell G155515-2400Rs. 3,52,500
Lenovo Legion5 ProRs. 3,99,500
Acer15.6 NitroRs. 3,37,699
Acer PredatorTriton-300Rs. 4,15,500
AcerConcept DRs. 5,12,799
Dell AlienwareM15Rs. 5,81,500
Acer Triton15.6 PredatorRs. 6,31,599
AcerConcept DRs. 8,75,899
Dell AlienwareX15Rs. 10,00,000
Dell AlienwareX17Rs. 11,00,000
AcerNitro 5Rs. 3,12,900
Laptop Price in Pakistan
Laptop Price in Pakistan
Laptop Price in Pakistan

Laptop Price Summary

HP Omen 17Rs. 215,000
Acer Predator 15 Core i7 7th Gen  GTX 1060 Gaming Laptop (G9-593-73N6)Rs. 244,099
Acer Predator 17 X Core i7 7th Gen  GTX 1080 Gaming Laptop (GX-792-7448)Rs. 341,999
Acer 15.6 Predator Triton 700 Gaming Laptop PT715-51-732QRs. 631,599
Acer Predator 15 Gaming Laptop G9-593-71EHRs. 433,399
Lenovo Legion Y530 15 Traditional LaptopRs. 249,599
Acer 15.6 Nitro 7 Gaming Laptop AN715-51-73BURs. 244,599
Acer 14 Swift 5 Laptop SF514-52TP-84C9Rs. 299,499
Acer 14 Swift 5 Laptop SF514-53T-77PTRs. 249,699
Acer 14 Swift 3 Laptop SF314-55G-51SCRs. 205,399
Laptop Price in Pakistan

Laptop Price in Pakistan in 2022

When we talk about October 2022, the latest prices of laptops starting from 61,999 PKR in Pakistan.

Dell XPS 13Core i5 12th Generation i5-1240P334,999
GIGABYTE AUROSCore i7 12th Generation i7-12700H395,999
HP 15sCore i5 12th Generation i5131,000
Lenovo ThinkPad E15Core i7 12th Generation i7-1255U231,999
Lenovo ThinkPad E15Core i5 12th Generation i5-1235U204,999
HP Victus 16AMD Ryzen 7 5800H277,999
Apple Mack book pro 16Apple M1 Max chip839,999
Lenovo Legion 7 AMDAMD Ryzen 7 5800H Processor344,999
HP Victus Gaming 15Core i5 12th Generation i5-12500H217,999
MSI Katana GF66Core i5 12th Generation i5-12500H221,999 
Dell G15 511Core i7 11th Generation i7-11800H259,999
Dell G15 511 RyzenAMD Ryzen 7 5800H304,999
Dell G15 511 core i5Core i5 11th Generation i5 11260H236,999
Acer Nitro 5 coreCore i5 11th Generation 11300H209,999
HP Omen 16k0023DXCore i7 12th Generation i7-12700H381,999
HP Omen 16 B0008 TX CoreCore i7 11th Generation i7-11800H334,999
HP Omen 16 B0002TX CoreCore i5 11th Generation i5-11400H238,999
HP Omen 16 B0004TX CoreCore i7 11th Generation i7-11800H269,999
HP 255 G8 AMD Ryzen 7AMD Ryzen 5 5700U136,999
HP 255 G8 AMD Ryzen 5AMD Ryzen 5 5500U114,499
HP 255 G8 AMD Ryzen 3AMD Ryzen 3 3300U96,499
HP ProBook 450 G9 i7 coreCore i7 12th Generation i7-1255U194,499
HP ProBook 450 G9 i5 coreCore i5 12th Generation i5-1235U168,999
HP 15s FQ5006NIA core i5 Core i5 12th Generation i5 -1235U132,999
HP 15s FQ5015NIA core i5 Core i5 12th Generation i5-1235U131,999
HP 15s FQ5014NIA core i5ore i5 12th Generation i5-1235U131,999
HP 15s EQ2180AU AMD AMD Ryzen 5 5500U141,999
Laptop Price in Pakistan

Latest Laptops that Worth Buying

Latest ModelsPrice in Pakistan
Apple Mac Book Pro 2020 M1PKR 231,999
Apple Mac Book pro 2020 M1 15.6PKR 231,999
Dell Inspiron12 3051PKR 136,899
Dell XPS 13 PlusPKR 154,999
HP Elite Dragon FlyPKR 119,900
HP DY 15 20566MSPKR 121,799
HP Pavillion 14 mPKR 131,499
HP Specter x360PKR 121,499
Lenovo Idea Pad Flex 3 11PKR 145,000
Lenovo Legion15PKR 165,000
Lenovo ThinkPad E 15 Gen 11thPKR 155,000
Laptop Price in Pakistan

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which laptop is best with low price?

  • AVITA Essential 14 inches Business Laptop. …
  • HP Chrome book 14-inch Thin & Light Touch screen Laptop. …
  • Lenovo Idea Pad Slim 3. …
  • ASUS Vivo Book 15. …
  • Acer Aspire 3. …
  • Lenovo Idea Pad Slim 1 Business Laptop.

Which laptop is best in Pakistan in low price?

  • HP 15-ac122tu Core i3. PKR40, 792.50.
  • HP 15-ac121dx Core i3. PKR40, 792.50.
  • Dell Inspiron N3543 Core i3. PKR42, 446.25.
  • -14% Dell Inspiron I3-5559. …
  • PKR47, 250.
  • New. HP 15AC 045TU_5TH.GEN CI5_4TB_2GB GRAPHIC_DOS. PKR49, 663.95.
  • Dell 7558 X360-R Ci3, 5th Gen   1Tb Touch Screen. PKR50, 715.

Which is best laptop in Pakistan?

  • Acer. Nitro.
  • Acer. Predator.
  • Apple. Mac book Air (2020)
  • Apple. Mac book Pro (2020)
  • Apple. Mac book Pro (2021)
  • Asus. K Series.
  • Asus. ROG G-Series Gaming.
  • Asus. TUF Series.


In this age of technology, innovations have completely changed our lives. People are simply working on their laptops by sitting in their homes. We all are well known that laptops are now an essential part of our daily life. It has become the necessity in our modern life. This article is beneficial for the users who are searching for an excellent laptop in affordable prices in Pakistan.

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